About Us - BMR Quarries

BMR Quarries has been operating at the Mt Winton Quarry since 2005, utilising the best practice environmental management procedures in the extraction and processing operations and will carry out its activities in accordance with the requirements of Federal, State and local authorities.

The Mt Winton Andesite quarry is located 25km west of Tamworth on the New Winton Road. The Andesite rock from the Mt Winton Quarry has successfully been used since 1983 to produce sealing and concrete aggregates and roadbase materials for a range of building and construction projects within the Tamworth region, including being used for the pavement construction in the upgrading of Tamworth Airport.

The primary objective of BMR Quarries is to deliver on time cost-effective solutions and a level of service that meets the diverse needs and expectations of their customers.

Executive management recognise that a complete commitment to quality throughout its operations is the key to meeting this objective and, with the co-operation of all employees and sub-contractors, have established a comprehensive quality management system.


BMR Quarries also recognise the importance of continuing research, education and continual improvement to the quality management system, and commit the entire organisation to consistently meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management Systems.